Residential Life

INSTEDT’S Student Residential Department strives to provide a safe, engaging, lively and comfortable living environment for all students as such environment nurtures a healthy and integrated undergraduate experience. The main responsibility of the department is to arrange and assign room or house for the students. This includes new student’s housing, housing changes and room withdraw, assisting to organize students programs and activities, and responding to residential life questions and concerns.

​Students particularly the new ones are encouraged and expected to live in campus housing. However, in an effort to provide a more independent living option for students and to balance enrolment trends, the Department offers a limited number of releases from the College housing. Students who are interested in living off campus must apply to do so as part of this process.

​The Department provides simple and comfortable living spaces that promote full participation in the life of the College community and encourage individual growth. The Department assumes students to respect each other, College and personal property, and the rules and policies by which the hostel and College properties are governed.

​Here are some quick facts about INSTEDT’s residential life and housing:

  • Nearly 92% of INSTEDT’s students residing on campus
  • Our hostel types are varied. These include three apartment complexes, bungalow houses, and dormitory
  • The students are free to choose the type of hostel they wish to reside. However this still depends of the availability and operates on first-come-first-serve basis
  • New students are assigned roommates in the hostel during the first year. In subsequent years, students can apply to select their own room.
  • Our Delima Hostel takes no more than three minutes’ walk to the café and shop where they can get food and buy things they need
  • Laundry facility is available at Delima Hostel.
  • The students residing on campus must abide all College and Student Residential Department rules and policies at all times
  • Other restaurants, cafes and shops are still within walking distance from our Delima Hostel

Please feel free to call the Office of Student Residential Department at (07-8222008) if you have further queries.

Security Unit personnel provide patrol protection of the campus seven days a week, 24 hours a day! The Unit strives to ensure a safe and secure environment for the students.

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