Living in Desaru

Our campus’ location is an advantage and unique as it is situated very close to Desaru beach and Bandar Penawar. Living in Desaru and Bandar Penawar is relatively peaceful and serene yet does not lack of comprehensive facilities and amenities.

The students can just head on to the local shopping mall, fast food restaurants, cafes and other food establishments no less than 5 minutes driving or bus ride from the campus. Other facilities like pharmacy, clinics, express marts, 7-eleven, etc are also close to the campus where they are accessible at their convenience. The students may also enjoy the sandy beach of Desaru at any time!

Here are some quick estimation of living expenses in Desaru or Bandar Penawar (Rates are subject to change without prior notice and depending on the current situation):


Basic breakfast menu at INSTEDT’S Café (including a drink) RM4
Breakfast menu in commercial district (including a drink) RM5
Lunchtime menu at INSTEDT’S Café (including a drink) RM8
Basic lunchtime menu in commercial district (including a drink) RM10
Combo meal in fast food restaurant
12 eggs
Bread 1 loaf RM4
Royal Gala Apples RM7
Whole fat milk (1 litre)
White rice (5 kg)
Curry Maggie (6 packets)



Bus trip to Johor Bahru city RM10
Bus trip to Kota Tinggi RM
Car rental (Perodua Axia) per hour RM
Taxi trip on a business day, basic tariff. 8 km (5 miles) RM20



Apartment rental for 900 sqft (1 month) RM500 – 1000
Room rental per person (1 month) RM200
Self-service laundry (clean and dry) for 7 kg RM12
Astro satellite tv subscription (1 month) RM35 – 150
Utilities (electricity and water) RM56
Internet streamyx 4 mbps (1 month) RM120



Short visit to private clinic (1 visit) RM45
General medicine for three days (paracetamol, Tylenol, etc) RM7
Standard men’s haircut in commercial area RM10 – 15

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