Undergraduate Admissions

INSTEDT’s students come from distinguished backgrounds. What they have in common is the wisdom they possess by making a minimum investment but yet the best for their future. In short, INSTEDT is simply the best college for you and it does not cost a fortune.

INSTEDT is committed to openness in intellectual inquiry. Here everyone are encouraged to be expressive and participative through education regardless their race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, nationality, socio economic status or disabilities. Students are free to share or exchange educational info and thoughts.

Our curriculum is bold and productive in higher education. This makes each class filled with inquisitive, fully engaged students dedicated to the topic at hand.

We hold the importance of having a small class size with attention to each individual. We want our students to have a personal learning experience that will help them to stay focus during the class and benefit them in many ways.

We are also a friendly and supportive community. We firmly believe that togetherness is strength. In INSTEDT, you will not get left behind. Let’s start your new journey here. Apply now!

Steps to Apply

Step 1

You can apply via online application. Once you have successfully submitted your application you will receive a confirmation email from The Common Application.

Step 2

Your application takes no more than a week to be processed. However delay is possible due to high number of applications.

If your application is successful, we will send you an offer letter to your email or your address. Our staff will contact you to guide you on the registration process. You may also contact us at 07-8222008 ext 202 or email us at marketing@instedt.edu.my to find out about your application status or enquire about the registration process.

Step 3

Once you have received the offer letter, please read and follow the instructions carefully as stated in the offer letter. You will need to take note on the following:

i.        Processing Fee Payment – Please make payment of the processing fee at least seven (7) days prior to the Registration Day. The amount of the fee is stated in the Offer Letter. You can make the payment via direct bank-in or online banking to:

Payable to: INSTEDT (M) SDN BHD
Account No: 551070102272

Please email or fax the original bank-in slip or online transaction receipt to us. Name of applicant, I/C or passport no. and the title of the chosen course should be written on the reverse side of the slip. Slip can be faxed to 07-8222010.

ii.        Registration Day – Your Offer Letter will state the information about the Registration Day. Please note on the date, time and come to the stipulated address. Welcome to our campus!

iii.        Documents and things to bring on the Registration Day – You will find an attached flyer to the Offer Letter. The flyer states the documents and things that are essential for you to bring during the Registration Day. Please do not forget to bring all these documents as they are important for your financial aids application (if necessary).

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