Core Values

Aiming to become a global centre for science, technology and business, INSTEDT committed to delivering high quality education programs through diverse curricular. At INSTEDT, the students contract with a learning experience in a collegial, supportive academic environment that combines teaching and practical training.  INSTEDT is highly dedicated to shape the students to become educated, responsible citizens of the world through volunteering and community partnership opportunities, leadership training, and ways to live sustainably. Hence our community strongly upholds the following principles and values:

Quality Education

We believe that quality is more important than quantity. Focusing on quality, we hold that all of our programs must be offered at utmost exactitude, proficiency and ethical standards.

An Opal Legacy

The students are shaped to become an opal. We relentlessly encourage the students to use imagination and creativity without limit as this will bring them to the top.

Unity in Diversity

We hold that diversity is strength. We continuously strive to create a diversified faculty and staff through their background and experience as this will enhance the educational process of our students. We also welcome all students from all walks of life to join us regardless their ethnicity and background.

Beyond Education

We offer more than just education. We aid the students to prepare themselves for the complexity and varying demands of their chosen career.

Practical Learning

We believe in the effectiveness of practical learning. We offer hands-on experience through enhanced labs, mock clinical wards, mock hotel rooms and other hands-on materials that simulate what it’s like to perform on the job.

Accept and Respect

We believe that everyone has their own intrinsic values and these values must be recognized and respected. Hence we hold that all our students, faculty and staff must be treated in a respectful and positive manner and with a personal caring attitude.

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